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Amish store Creekside Grocery harassed by Wayne County thugs

I saw this headline, “Grocery operating without license,” on the top of The Daily Record (Wooster, Ohio newspaper) when I was up there so I went to visit the store and talked to the guy. We also bought a few items from him. He said he is shutting it down to avoid any more issues, but he still has a greenhouse behind his main house. Note: GPS will probably not take you to the correct place, so make sure you look at the mailbox for the correct place. I have some images below.

Note: He has almost empty shelves now, and does not have the ice anymore. This is the type of issue that I have a problem with, that some stores get harassed while the Amish Charcuterie in Maine the State actually wanted to work with the store. See here for the story about his issue with the state. And an update here where the Charcuterie owner says he will get to remain open. And for the Charcuterie, the issue is meats, which is in my opinion, more important to keep cold than most of the items sold at this store.

But who are these thugs anyway, to tell private businesses how they may run their business? Or for that matter, why do you need to “license” the sale of goods? Logic says they should not be allowed to be attacking a private business in the “land of the free”, but it is now clear that we are living in the “home of the slave” instead.

Two of my uncles used to sell groceries from their home, and it was a good service to the Amish community, and never had any issues with the thugs, but now this guy is being shut down for selling goods to his community. I don’t even think this store was advertised outside of the Amish community, it had no signs by the roadside, just an “open” sign to let his few local (Amish) customers know he was available to sell them food.

Also, the “pre-packaged” note seems to be an attack on bulk-foods. If you have bulk foods, they don’t like that. Not that I like thugs much anyway either. We need to call attention to them whenever they do this to anyone, especially to our Amish brothers who are helping their local community out. Reason being is that the Amish, for the most part, do not even go to the media when this type of stuff happens to them, instead, they sell off box loads of food to those customers, and then they shut it down when they have nothing more to sell, they close up shop, as in this case. I told him I wanted to help, but he was just ready to close his business without any fight. Statism needs to be fought. If we don’t fight it, who will?

Update: Some are saying that this is OK that the guy was harassed, and that there may be poop in the ice, well even the EPA allows poop in your food at the store: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/15/mouse-poop-fda-food_n_7572232.html

This is exactly what I am talking about, the government gives you a false sense that your food is OK, but when someone comes along that wants to open a restaurant, and they don’t like that person, they will use “laws” (reality, they are only codes, not a law) to shut them down, and if he makes it a charity place, they will attack that place too. But if he is only taking donations, there is nothing that they can do about it.

Speaking of codes vs laws, there is a way that all of these issues could be solved: Claim your business as a Native American land.

So if you are looking for groceries, try this address between Apple Creek and Fredericksburg Ohio:

Creekside Grocery

10778 S. Applecreek Rd. Fred

Fredericksburg, OH 44627


If you are not in the market for any food, there is his greenhouse behind the house.


Here are the thumbnails of the images I shot inside the store before the owner arrived in the store. Click on them to see full-size images.

CAM01093 CAM01094 CAM01095 CAM01096 CAM01097 CAM01097 (1) CAM01098 CAM01100 CAM01101 CAM01102 CAM01103 CAM01104 CAM01105 CAM01106 CAM01107 CAM01108 CAM01109


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