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Anise Cookies II

Anise Cookies II
By Marilou Sheehan Dolan on Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 4:58pm

4 eggs
1/3 c. sugar
2 tbsp. anise seed
1 1/3 c. flour
2/3 c. corn starch
dash of salt
Beat eggsuntil creamy. Add sugar, salt, and beat for 15 minutes. Put anise seed between two sheets of wax paper and crush with a rolling pin. Add to egg mixture.
Pour flour and cornstarch on top and stir well. Grease and flour cookie sheets. With a tsp. drop batter onto cookie sheetsand inch apart. Let cookies on sheets sit overnight in a cool place for the batter to dry.
Bake in preheated 375, but turn down to 310 and bake about 10 minutes. Cookies can be kept soft by storing them in a canister with peeled apple slices.
Makes about 60 cookies.

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