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BOLOGNA FOR 25 POUNDS MEAT Mrs. Harvey Miller 1 lb.Tender Quick 1 oz. black pepper 2 oz. salt 1 gal. water ? tsp. garlic powder 2 tsp. saltpeter 3 T. liquid smoke Grind twice. Let stand 4 days. Then grind again and can cold pack 1 hour. Just put Tender Quick on to let stand. Mix Tender Quick before grinding once. Then grind third time and add the rest of ingredients and we put 3 pounds dry milk to 100 pounds. Dissolve milk in water. We usually use warm water so meat isn’t so cold to work. Not quite so much salt. This mixture is very sloppy at first, but until you have worked it an hour it’s not so sloppy anymore. It should be softer than meat loaf. If it seems too thick, you probably didn’t measure your water right. We like to help each other with a big batch to work it. The more you work the better the bologna.

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