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By Bonnie Hensley Lockhart on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 7:46pm
This was composed of 2 quarts of the pulp and juice combined of ripe Kieffer pears, which had been pared and cored, (Measured after being run through a food chopper.) The grated yellow rind and juice of five medium-sized tart oranges, and 6? cups granulated sugar. Cook all together about forty minutes, until a clear amber colored marmalade. Watch closely and stir frequently, as the mixture scorches easily. This quantity will fill about twenty small jelly tumblers. If the marmalade is to be kept some time, it should be put into air-tight glass jars.
The recipe for this delicious jam was original with the Professor’s wife, and Fritz Schmidt, being particularly fond of the confection, gave it the name “Wunderselda,” as he said “’twas not ‘served often.'”
A glass tumbler was about 4 oz. I think.

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