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Live like the Amish

I have posted a lot of videos on YouTube over the years about the Amish, like the one about how to make butter, but I wanted to give you guys a few resources that could help not only in lowering your power bills, it would help with being prepared for when the grid goes down.

This month we moved from an old place into a new one, 2 streets over. It is bigger, but both places have issues with the heat. Well, I had been on this “Levelized Billing” plan for almost 3 years. I got on it exactly 12 months after I got to that place, to make it cheaper in the winter months. After we moved, we got an email that said due to the company removing the Levelized Billing plan from our bill, our new bill would be $771, even though on the plan, it had been only 245. Well, I quickly called them to find out why I was being overcharged, but they refused to do anything. I have 15-year-old twin girls, and I can not be without power. That is why I need to make this page, and I will update it with some of the tools you guys will need, should you be faced with a problem like I am.

I suggest you buy a few items like these:

4Patriots.com has a group of products that you should check out.

But there are also other products that you should check out:

I am currently looking to help people install solar on their homes, and if you are interested, contact me.


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